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Sunday Services

1st. Sunday:- 10.30am. Worship with communion
    4.00pm.  Messy Church

2nd. Sunday:- 10.30am. Worship
                        6.30pm. Worship

3rd. Sunday:- 10.30am. Worship
                       6.30pm. Worship with communion

4th. Sunday:- 10.30am. Worship
                       6.30pm. Worship with healing

There are no evening services during the month of August


The Chapel was founded by the Rev. William Bagshawe in 1662. This Chapel is founded on the scriptural right of every separate church to maintain perfect independence in the government and administration of its own particular affairs. Early worship took place in a converted barn at Malcoffe, but, some time later in the early years of the 18th century; work was started on the building of a new Chapel. This was completed in 1711, at a cost of 126, in spite of the opposition of local high church men, who sought to knock down the walls as they were built.

The New Chapel still stands solid and four-square to this day, having been repaired and added to on many occasions during the passing years. Its furnishings are simple and sound, the organ and other fittings being added over the years. Other buildings such as the Sunday School, the Old Manse, then the New Manse were built with the passage of time.

Considerable work has recently been effected in the Sunday School, and new work is envisaged which will facilitate greater use by the wider community, showing that even in these times when so many churches are closing, the people of Chinley Chapel have an enduring faith in the future of their Chapel.


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